English sports business presentations

How to make a difference with your
next English Sports business presentation


Common core + Individual coaching on booking, 3 weeks later
October 6, 2020

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Who is concerned

All sports professionnals who need to make presentations to an English audience, from federations, clubs, agencies and start up businesses.
A minimum B2 level in English is required. CPF accepted.

Objectives are to enable professionals to:

  • Convey ideas clearly and effectively using the right vocabulary for maximum impact in an English presentation style
  • Tailor their presentation
  • Employ visual aids efficiently
  • Structure and follow a presentation roadmap


Intensive 4h course – Common core & workbook
1. Defining your message

– Recap of the sendre-receiver model
– Your audience, your purpose, breaking the ice and stating your purpose
Application & individual exercice :
– Pitching your personal presentation
– Pitching your company’s presentation

2. Structuring and designing your presentation

Creating a PowerPoint presentation in english
– Making an impact
– English presentation samples : technique & tools, rules & taboos
– Making an impact with visuals / picture effects
Application & exercice :
Converting French PowerPoint into english presentation
Connecting to your audience
– Breaking the ice
– Hooking the audience
– Telling a story
– Transitions and introducing more information

3. Interaction

– Intercultural codes, Rules and taboos
– Body language & non verbal communication
– Anticipating questions
Practice-based workshop :
– Answering different types of questions

Individual coaching / 3 weeks later, on booking

– Pitching : getting your message across
– Small talk
– Working on presentation with real life professional situation (presentation needs to be done before the coaching)



650€ HT
4 hour group lesson for the common core
+ 3 hours of individual training, three weeks after the common core


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