English sports business presentations

Module accessible 7j/7 & 24h/24
+ 3h de coaching individuel


Session accessible toute l’année

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Who is concerned

All sports professionnals who need to make presentations to an English audience, from federations, clubs, agencies and start up businesses.
A minimum B2 level in English is required. CPF accepted.

Objectives are to enable professionals to:

  • Convey ideas clearly and effectively using the right vocabulary for maximum impact in an English presentation style
  • Tailor their presentation
  • Employ visual aids efficiently
  • Structure and follow a presentation roadmap


Module accessible 7j/7 & 24h/24
+ 3h de coaching individuel
1. Your style

-Who an I
– My position
– My assets
– Tools : useful vocabulary and audio files

2. Your audience

– Expectations
– ABC method
– Ice breaking

3. Your message

– Define your key messages

4. Prepare your presentation

– Ideate – Create – Illustrate – Repeat
– Differences between French Power Point and English

5. Indivudual coaching 2 x 1h30

– Coaching 1 : overview of your presentation
– Coaching 2 : Speech training

6. Certification

– Online certification Pipplet Flex



420€ TTC with certification (CPF approved)
336€ TTC without certification
3h coaching +1h formation +1h certification


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